Christine Neal

Sales Consultant

Career Profile

Christine is motivated and driven by providing exceptional customer service and will always strive to obtain the best outcome for her clients. Christine is focused and always seeking to learn and upskill for continuous improvement. Christine has had an extensive career in sales, customer service, Partnerships and a wide range of management opportunities. 

There’s no better feeling than helping a family or first home buyer or retired couple in purchasing their first or last home. Christine has a passion and wants to share this excitement and experience with her clients. Her passion for real estate started when she was a first home buyer and went through the process and emotions that followed.

Testimonials from our customers

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you my personal experience and recommendation of Christine Neal from ResponseRE.

Christine is in my experience, a rare and exceptional find, and would make a name for herself in any industry to which she turned her attention; fortunately for the real estate industry, she is making a name for herself here in Glenmore Park.

I found Christine to exhibit the perfect blend of passion, knowledge, experience and personal character, and each and every interaction I had with Christine shone these strengths.

A great communicator, Christine’s ability to use active listening skills to determine what was in my case, the heart of the questions and concerns my wife and I had, was quite frankly, refreshing.

In Christine I see something special, I stress that knowing who has that something special, and who hasn’t, in the context of exceptional customer service, is how I make a living.

If you are a prospective client then my personal and professional opinion is that selecting Christine Neal as your agent of choice will result in you being so delighted that you will want to write a recommendation just like this one.

Those in the service industry who transparently show clients their character before anything else, enable those clients to feel instantly engaged, paving the way for passion, knowledge and wisdom to shine.

Brian Clark - June 2021
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